nw drizzle is based in Portland, Ore.
– meet the staff –
Editor-in-Chief Mark Anderson, the e-zine's founder and publisher, lived in Minneapolis and New York before Portland and has written on pop culture and sports for such concerns as the Twin Cities Reader, City Pages and The Associated Press.
Associate Editor Kathy Anderson comes to us from the corporate world, where she proofed, edited, wrote and worked on Web sites – along with just about anything else thrown into her busy cubicle for more than 20 years.
Art Editor Jeff Jahn has been widely published in art and music magazines and has freelanced for museums and galleries throughout the U.S. Jeff, a self-proclaimed pain in the ass, has an M.A. in history and shows his art internationally.
Music Writer Kurt Dahlke thinks of himself as a renaissance-hyphenate – more specifically, an artist-musician-writer-designer. Most others probably think unhyphenated transient would be a more apt description.

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