by Mark Anderson

April: When legends die young / The state of Kirby Puckett

March: The only survey that matters, 2005 / Someplace close to heaven

February: 'Grizzly Man' and 'March of the Penguins' on DVD / When man bites dog

January: Dick Cavett's 'Rock Icons' on DVD / Flies on the wall of the'60s

December: Stockings, Santa and Scrooge / Shopping near the middle of the road

November: There's no place like home / Charlize Theron in 'North Country'

October: Any port in a storm / When songs become necessities

September: Seeing the big picture / Portland's 2nd annual 48 Hour Film Project

August: Managing expectations / Feist at Portland's Doug Fir Lounge

July: Mind-bending with Spoon / 'Gimme Fiction' is the new CD

June: Keeping Portland weird ... / 'The Famous Mysterious Actor Show'

May: Is Texas getting Kinky? / Kinky Friedman's 'Ten Little New Yorkers'

April: Economies of scale / Kirstie Alley in 'Fat Actress'

March: Those of us who live for music / The Only Survey That Matters, 2004

February: Outbreak, rash and trend / Canada's Stars, Sam Roberts, the Arcade Fire & Feist

January: 'The Machinist' carries some weight / Poster boy for New Year's resolutions

December: Dreaming of a Pink Martini Christmas / 'Hang On Little Tomato' is the band's second CD

November: Rachael Yamagata at the new Doug Fir Lounge / Seeking the occasional glimmer of hope

October: New CDs from Al Jarreau and Ronnie Laws / What's not real jazz?

September: The 48 Hour Film Project in Portland / Now that's entertainment

August: David Sedaris advances the essayist tradition / Limning universal truths

July: Turning an impossible trick / Eleni Mandell and her dark sense of humor

June: Another chance to believe / 'Miracle' on DVD

May: Revisiting the same old questions / Modest Mouse, Patty Griffin, Van Hunt, Todd Rundgren, Prince

April: Harnessing the spoils of sex / Liz Phair visits Portland's Roseland

March: Take care now / The Only Survey That Matters, 2003

February: 'The Triplets of Belleville' / When the movie blows the previews away

January: Broken Social Scene is anything but / 'You Forgot It In People' is the winning CD

December: Joe Strummer's wonderful life / 'Streetcore' is the posthumous CD

November: Joe Henry, Rufus Wainwright, Leona Naess, Shelby Lynne & Judith Owen / All in the family way

October: Warren Zevon beats an icon to death

September: Jim Bouton's next passionate pitch / 'Foul Ball' is ex-Yankee's new diary

August: What McKinley really needs / 'Goner' is the new CD

July: Dave Brubeck, Boz Scaggs & Steely Dan / Geezers with something to say

June: The White Stripes, the Kills & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Who says rock is dead?

May: Kathleen Edwards and Patty Larkin at the Aladdin / Giving girly music a good name

April: A note from heaven / John Szwed's 'So What: The Life of Miles Davis'

March: Paul Westerberg, Prince, Minnesota Twins / (Still) The Only Survey That Matters

February: Up there with Koufax / Not a bad place for a broken heart

January: Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedian' / Good for nothing

December: Johnny come lately / The world according to Dowd

November: Does artful intonation stand a chance? / Invasion of the over-singers

October: Dogma chases karma / ‘Italian For Beginners’ translates well

September: 'Hard Grind' and '1 Giant Leap' / The musical equivalent of staring into the sun

August: Michael Moore’s ‘Stupid White Men’ / What condition air conditioning is in

July: Remixing the masters ... / It takes a lotta Verve

June: Separating art from artist / Prince meets the Beverly Hillbillies

May: 'This is the bad dream I have every night' / Paul Westerberg goes unplugged, comes unglued

April: In the land of the giants / Mel Brown is a franchise player

March: Hey, where'd y'all go? / The Only Survey That Matters

February: Elementary's cool / The Langley Schools Music Project

January: Beyond hyperbole / Santa, Ronald and Muhammad Ali

November: Built to Spill, McMenamins take restive road

October: Radio does a number on Jonatha Brooke

September: Hedwig and the Angry Inch / Walls, bridges and blasphemy

August: George Plimpton and the ability to swing

July: Calexico cooks / sun-baked sounds of southwestern summer

June: Badly Drawn Boy yearns to make good

May: Warmed by Low's 'Things We Lost in the Fire'

April: Björk's victory for the human spirit

March: Are Beatles still more popular than Jesus?

February: File sharing / A sea change of biblical proportions

January: Patricia Barber and a city of two tales

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