Aural Report

by Kurt Dahlke

April: The Wedding Present at Portland's Doug Fir / A lexicon for lovelorn loyalists

March: A conscious effort to be cultured / Searching for refined entertainment

February: Embracing the 'American Idol' vibe / There's no reality present

January: Summer Spirits in the dead of winter / The Magic Numbers' eponymous debut

December: Caveman Shoestore / 'Super Sale' is the new CD

November: Murnau's 'Nosferatu' / So old it's new again

October: More than just the Hokey Pokey / North Portland's Polish Festival

September: My negative attitude / Try again tomorrow ...

August: Can't stop listening to Spoon

July: 'DiG' on DVD / Capturing the enduring allure of rock

June: Gang of Four at the Crystal Ballroom / It's still entertainment!

May: Fund-raising for AIDS, Portland style / CAP's Art for Life auction at Montgomery Park

April: A month's vacation / Happy anniversary, Kurt!

March: When help is a four-letter word / The Gypsy Jazz Trio at Mississippi Pizza

February: Apocalypse rock / You're still in winter, bucko

January: A reason to be nice / Little Sue & Lewi Longmire at the Laurelthirst

December: Sweetness overload / 'Tis the season

November: DJ Krush at Berbati's Pan / We've become our own DJs

October: Dance? Art? What's not to get? / TBA & John Jasperse Company's 'California'

September: Thomas Mapfumo at the zoo / Singing of struggles and hardship

August: A cruise will make you think like that / Living in the lap of luxury liners (part 2)

July: Barreling north on Puget Sound / Living in the lap of luxury liners (part 1)

June: Portland takes it to the Max / TriMet Interstate line opens with one helluva block party

May: Matt Groening and Lynda Barry at the Schnitzer / Bringing the funny pages to life

April: Pounding out the First Thursday connection / Making music to make art

March: Back at the Spare Room ... it's Larry and Teri / Plying an antique trade

February: Aaron Black Band at the Spare Room / Playing blues-rock for four aging couples

January: The Drunken Flies, the company party: Lord, is the beer this strong?

December: It's karaoke and everybody is a star: Your turn is coming

November: New Mexico's Starseed: Winning on the road

October: One less band in Portland: Time to call it quits

September: The Formless at North Portland's Million: Approaching sublime through a side door

August: Bon appétit!: Summer ingredients

July: Twisting dials with a flourish: The megabyte hippies are real

June: No more preaching to the choir: Church of Northwest Music shuts down

May: Gravity and Henry & the Black Keys: Two drum-and-guitar duos, two in-store shows

April: The Restless Journey of the Stephens: making everything OK for a few hours

March: Have you driven to Ford's lately?: Lyle Chaffee and the gruesome remains of a steak

February: Todd Rundgren, Glen Holstrom Duo, Siren Echo: Solving the isolation dilemma

January: Tommy Womack's real life: Making the other arts jealous

December: Hiding under the covers: Noble variations on a theme

November: Taming two tigers: Bar, band exhibit interesting cats

October: Ever more sophisticated ways to relax: Mary Kadderly and the Yat Sing Music Club

September: Music Millennium at 33-1/3: Cool as hell

August: Portland Waterfront Blues Festival: 70 bands and five days of fun

July: Dave Allen and Squall: Close to the cutting edge as possible

June: Daniel Ash at the Aladdin: Guitar is still king

May: The Countrypolitans at the Fez: Rainy country tunes in a Moroccan bar

April: Wherein memory holds strongest sway: Dumb Type rules

March: Things are somewhat intertwined: Albert Reda and the Portland blues

February: The Stuart Wylen Trio: Washed back to a time more refined

January: Dylan-Thomas Vance is chronologically challenged

December: Danny Dolinger comes to play

November: Gravity and Henry bring the leaves down

October: Surviving the audience recession blues: High on James Low

September: Turning the big oh-four: In Music We Trust

August: Dave Carter & Tracey Grammer: Daytime is for music, too

July: The Wally Cordona Quartet: Capricious fate places lump in throat

June: Man of the Year & Voyager One at Dante's: Inner ear meets outer space

May: The Bella Fayes at Dante's: Can a rock band's songs be too catchy?

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