Critical i

by Jeff Jahn

April: 5 years of Critical i / All things must pass

March: 'Tristram Shandy' / What's it all about, Alfie Barr?

February: The Dark Arts

January: Artmageddon 2005 / Glad it's over ...

December: Portland, sophistication and class / A five-year sea change

November: The Portland art scene / A completely biased history

October: Wish list / Portland's visual arts renaissance

September: Portland's new look / Glass, Bovee and Blanc

August: Art-district report card / Mapping a changing Portland

July: Origins and struggles / Antlers, Jim Lommasson & Batman

June: A tale of two institutions / Justine Kurland, Mary Mattingly

May: Anticipate more / Hamilton, Tharp, Chartier, Lake, Caccamise, Everett Station Lofts

April: Memory symmetry / New York, Portland & John Mace

March: Uncharacteristically bright February / Picton, McKenzie, CEID, Kennedy & REAS

February: Cherry-picking time in Portland / Patt, Pack, Doty & Ghostmilk

January: Days of past future / Portland art in 2004 ... and 2005

December: Bambi, Bucky and Bob / Innocence meets cynicism

November: Chandra Bocci, Affair / A lie that tells the truth

October: Critiquing the critics / Wanna buy the Fremont Bridge?

September: Healy vs. Clenaghen, Save Point & Kalusa / Get to work!

August: Robert Storr, Portland art-scene wanderings / Orthodoxy and zombies

July: Harris, Conkle & the new grads / Fantasy, history and the future?

June: Portland Tram, PSU's MFA, Boulton, May, Dalbow / Dynamic changes

May: State of Affairs, Lindsay Bowdoin Key, 'Kill Bill,' Bowie, '10.5' and more / What's goin' on

April: Tricia Wright, Carlos Estrada Vega, Jeffry Mitchell, Manifest Artistry / The imports
Special Essay: Make your own weather / 5 years in the Portland art scene

March: Rauschenberg, younger artists & a panel discussion / Gloom shloom!

February: Nic Walker, Dana Schutz, Paige Saez / Focus now

January: Megan Walsh, Shift & James Lavadour / 2004 crystal ball and wish list

December: Backstrand, Tres & Taruya / Flinging paint pots

November: Core Sample / Portland art-scene roundup for beginners

October: Portland cultural rennaisance, Adam Sorenson, plus ... / A completely biased history of the Portland art scene

September: Art adventures and setting off alarms / Travelogue: Edmunds, PAM, Russo, _Hall, Backspace, Compound

August: We can be heroes / Wagner, Finneran & the Modern Zoo

July: Iconoclasts unite / Zappa, Elizabeth Peyton, 2003 Oregon Biennial

June: Who is hot? Who is not? / Stella, Kelly, Pope.L, Henzley, Boyle

May: First-person Portland art tour / Tasset, Held, 'Twin Peaks,' First Thursday & Donut Shop 7

April: Vibe: Portland and New York / Heaven, hell & purgatory

March: Barney, Eckard, Mehretu, Morelli, Macca, ayo, Grantham, Latteier / Disappearing artists?

February: History, Harrison, Cody and Wong / Art-snob 101: Great Art, good art

January: Eyeing the Portland art scene / Potential hullabalo in 2003?

December: Picton, Bocci, Sawa, Knutson & 'Maritime' / Is the Portland scene decisive?

November: Hickey, Rinder, Klein, PaineWebber / Does it rock?

October: Art and architecture / Northwest space

September: L.A. vs. Portland / A wave of momentum

August: When Thursday falls on Wednesday / It's the best Fourth of July ever

July: Berlin, Seattle and the bathroom / History, surprise and risks

June: Chicago, PDX & Ellen George / My kind of town?

May: Northwest Documenta I, New In Town, “The Scene” / What is going on here?

April: Portland, Frank Lloyd Wright & Hans Hofmann / Salmon courage and the three-year itch
Special Essay: Pleasures beyond the saccharine / Art and threat: untaming humanism

March: Celentano, Manchot, Row, Fritz, Moss, Haven / Installation, Observation, Inundation

February: Zeitgeist and anticipations / Serving it up al dente

January: Eye wander / Sushi, David Lynch and 28 Days of Gray

October: Ayo, May, Grantham and 20 years at Elizabeth Leach / Braver new world

September: Fletcher, Marcel and Motherwell / Innocence, wit and great art

August: Death, pestilence & politics in Portland galleries

July: Chihuly, Pratt, Mahaffey, Greenberg, PAM / June swoon after heyday of May

June: May triple play: a look back / Shows of strength

May: Portland's Pearl District / Incubator of insight or urban pastiche?

April: Erika Blumenfeld / Moments of Light

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