Editor | Tidepool (now Sightline Daily)
Early-morning work curating Tidepool, an aggregator website
delivering sustainability news for a Pacific Northwest audience.
The job entailed scouring scores of newspaper websites from
around the world and rewriting headlines as needed – all before
sunrise. W
hat was once Tidepool is now Sightline.org.

Founder, Publisher, Contributing Editor | NW Drizzle.com
Back at the turn of the century, nwdrizzle.com enjoyed a six-year
run at art and artists in Portland and beyond. Writers wrote, critics
critiqued, poets did what poets do and a fair amount of attention
was drawn – to the point where the Oregonian and Willamette
Week gave us the occasional nod. Alas, lack of monetization
proved the e-zine's undoing: We couldn't find a way to pay our
people what they were worth.

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