Field Supervisor | United States Census Bureau
This nearly two-year gig as quality-control project manager for the 2020 quadrennial census began with a 1999 training trip to Los Angeles (and a week-long stay at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel), before canvassing Oregon, Idaho and Nevada through four rigorous operations. The pandemic, too-close-for-comfort forest fires and a change in presidential administrations offered a tense background to the hectic, high-pressure Constitution-driven work – enough to last, well, at least until the 2030 census comes calling ...

Session Editor | State of Oregon Legislative Counsel
Challenging, inspiring, intense, grueling: This 21-month contract in Salem was all that. Some bills were short as a paragraph; others – tax legislation – could comprise a stack of paper four feet tall. Pressurized flurries of editing, proofing and research got spelled by long days of waiting around. Not to mention that the 2002-03 session stretched into August, becoming the state's longest ever. Bonus: the daily high from climbing the capitol's front steps, passing through the soaring rotunda and stepping into a room full of editors – often seven days per week.
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