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Dear Editor:

I'm Terry Thompson, professional composer, arranger, guitarist, jingle writer and president of my jingle production company, Terry Thompson Productions.

I just read with great interest your article [Kurt Dahlke's Aural Report, February 2006] about your enthusiasm and interest in the jingle, "American Equity Mortgage, The Future Belongs To You." I am the composer, arranger and producer of that particular jingle. When the American Equity Mortgage Company owners came to St. Louis in 1994, I contacted them. We eventually got together for a presentation of my jingle compositions and arrangements. They were most pleased with what they heard and agreed to contract with me to compose, orchestrate and produce a custom jingle package for American Equity Mortgage. Two weeks later I came back to them with the slogan I created for them ("The Future Belongs To You"), the musical composition and an arrangement of the American Equity Mortgage jingle. There was no advertsing agency involved with American Equity Mortgage at that time. The whole project was simply between myself and the American Equity Mortgage Company's president and very small staff. I completed the compositions, score, arrangements and production and American Equity Mortgage was extremely pleased with everything from the get-go.

I still do all of the jingle music arrangements directly for American Equity Mortgage. As they say, the rest is history. It is the cornerstone of their advertising campaign and is used in all markets where American Equity Mortgage is located. Their headquarters is in St. Louis. That is also where my company, Terry Thompson Productions, is located.

I would be happy to send you a CD copy of the entire 60-second musical jingle, as American Equity's radio and TV ads usually only play a portion of the jingle (about the last 10 or 15 seconds). As complimentary as you were, maybe that's all you want to hear.

I'm absolutely delighted that you really like my jingle. A jingle writer is never given a credit on the commercials that run, so it is most gratifying to hear such nice comments about the jingle coming from a listener.

And so as broadcaster Paul Harvey would say: "And now you know the rest of the story!"

Sincerely and good luck always,
Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson Productions
St. Louis, MO

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