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Banned by bad circumstantial posture
Angels of America
by Ray Solar

orn chockfull with sun
Lordly endowed in a male sense
The first smell of erection
Dampened by the girl's chatter
Prematurely banned from
The table of the lamb
And this is my body
And I ate from yours
I couldn't get enough of the pinball wizard

Grew too fast, too weird
Mother knew my jack-off lies
Daddy had no such son
"Men fuck women"
That's what he said
Everything besides missionary
Is perverted, got it?

They send me to the priest
The cute one
We both burned up a fire
His body was so holy
My desire unleashed
In a heavenly hell

I repent nothing
I am not afraid
Of the dogma of sin
The garden of pleasure
Is right where I am
The Promised Land is far off
To the right wing of God

My heart is unspoiled
By self pity or shame
Life is too exciting
To be wasted by guilt
I don't judge
The ones who judge me
The Holy Book sets me free

I have no complaints
For the beaten image
They handed me at birth
God makes no mistakes
So how could I change it
Even if it would make
Daddy proud and
Free Mama from the blame
The boot fits the prince
Destiny kills parental illusions

My morals in an imperfect time
Are singled out for persecution
Don't throw the stone
With the shallow mind of hate
My right is not for you to judge
The stares of disgust
Give cold sores to my heart
My soul rests with God
Nobody has the right
To take that apart

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