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Guest Writer

begin again
by Troy Eggleston

ome sleep in
others wait for the weekend
some have a favorite show
others simply don't know
some have a furrowed brow
others need the answer NOW!
some wait and wait
for a deafening crash of inevitable fate
to wake them from their hypnotic state
but when it happens
they think, “Great, it came too late”
and push onward like dead weight
some have a plan in the morning
but are sooner drunk by night
others speak in strings of warning
in attempt to discourage light
some prefer the curtains drawn
and live inside their head
where life is sewn in tiny circles
by a smaller piece of thread
so further and further they spin
from the elemental source within
like frightened fish they swim
burdened by their sins
but life is such
the need to adjust
knowing you can always begin again

E-mail Troy at tolstilts@earthlink.net, and find his previous efforts in our archives.

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