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Guest Writer

The grace of GOD
by Ray Solar

fter every year comes another day
Another new beginning
Another chance to love
Time does not matter
Only love matters
Only love manifests
What we really want

It is nourishing to our heart
And uplifting to our soul
Our life is filled with possibilities
To be the graceful beings
That we are born to be
Our mind creates many images and
Opportunities to choose from
Which help us to reach our personal potential

Wise beings celebrated
Our unique relationship to Nature
With rituals and prayer
To remind everybody
That life is an act of balance
Of giving and resting

We uplift the part in us
That is free of Ego identification
The higher self that knows
What is best for this planet
With its inhabitants
Every moment is a celebration
Of the miracle of life
Every moment
Is an act of the grace of God

GOD – Grand Overall Design
Founded on unity and harmony
Created through movement and chaos

The One we are part off
The One we return to
Always ready to feel, to fill and
To empty itself
An angel in a poor man's outfit
That gives freely of itself
The willpower that replenishes all
Like an eternal spring connected
To every single one of us

We are bound to this source of love
The divine manifests through us
In the heart, the core of our being
Which represents all possibilities
Never ending and ever expanding
Like a soul that has no form and all forms
Because it is free of time and space

New words, new visions are needed
To describe the wonders to come
Our minds have to be unveiled
To see for the first time the truth
A truth unfiltered, unaltered
By meritocracy and mind control

The moment has come
To accept that we are but a hologram
Of our internal computer
Running on a limited software program
The time is now to unplug our potential
And in an instant everything is united
We enter the "The Unified Field"
Of a higher consciousness

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