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Born again hate
by Ray Solar

s hatred a Christian value
I say no
I say hate is no value at all
It is a disease of the heart
Did Christ die so millions of his followers
Can persecute millions of other humans
I say no
I say the base of all religion is unconditional love

Are religious beliefs that preach hatred
The moral standards we want to teach our children
I say no
I say hate is a crime against humanity
It is an insult to the divine nature
That permeates through all
Nobody is greater than the other
We are equal in all aspects of creation

Is hate an option in dealing with
A so-perceived enemy
I say no
I say every enemy is a mirror
Of my psychological shadow world
Only love can heal my misconception
Only I can heal my hatred
That rears its ugly head
Every time somebody challenges
My ego-infested point of view

Is judgment a tool toward a better world
I say no
I say judgment cuts into pieces
That which desires to be united
It breeds contempt for the other
Judgment is a lack of self-love
Transferred to the outside
It creates the isolation of the soul

Are our personal and individual standards
Greater than those of others
I say no
I say each standard represents the lessons
Which have to be learned by the individual
At their own pace and time frame
Moral standards cannot be prescribed
They have to be willingly adapted

Do I have the right to enforce my will onto others
I say no
I say my will is to be used for my personal life experience
I am responsible for the growth of my own self
And I am responsible not to indulge in fear thinking
Which identifies others as my enemy
We are here together to foster each other
And not to kill each other
With words and deeds

Is it time for born again love
I say yes
I say love takes off the blinders
From our muddied eyes
It washes off the pain
That led us up the wrongful path
We are here together
And only together will we survive
Our own shortcomings

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