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Peace from the ashes
by Ray Solar

he Golden Dawn is gone
The wind of fear is blowing
Through the burning hallways
Of our sacrificed love
Sacrificed in the name of unleashed hate
For an infinitely replaceable enemy

How many generations
Have to give their lifeblood
In the name of a killing freedom
A freedom that eats away
Our rights, our joy, our humanity
That leaves us cold to the plied
Of other less fortuned cultures

Our souls are yearning
For the phoenix to rise
Out of the field of destruction
Our thoughtless actions
Cut into the landscape of the future
As we carry the pain we inflict
Into our sanctuaries of the heart
To project them in anger onto others

Earth is crying out to our compassion
As her skin rips apart from all the hatred
And her beauty is ravaged by hurricanes
Of a corrupted mass consciousness
That is whipped into paranoia
By the war lords of the dark world
The ones who see only in black and white

The clear vision is blurred
By defensive despiteful rhetoric
The dust of ignorance is stirred up
By fear promoting fascistic ideology
Isolationism has replaced global humanism
No child left behind turned into
The nightmares of coming generations

There is a dream that rises
Above the path of destruction
A thought that creates possibilities
A word that fills itself with love
Action that proves the validity of faith
Humans that speak their truth
And dare to shine their light in the darkness

There is a vision that out of this mess we created
There will rise manifold lessons for us
Which we eagerly, gratefully accept and learn

There is a vision for a freedom for all
So that we at least didn't burn down our once
Respected values and dignity for nothing

There is a vision that those broken pieces
Lying covered in the dust will rise up again
To form a greater peace
A Peace from the Ashes

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