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Guest Writer

Birthing 'Oneness'
by Ray Solar

eaders that divide us
Have outlived their welcome
On this ever expanding planet
Our consciousness has outgrown
Old modes of good and evil

We are the good or the bad
That we see on the outside
A screen reflecting our Egos
The world is the playground
Of our empowered thoughts

A global community needs global thoughts
Based on a global love
The one who always takes, wants
Will always feel empty
Starving from the greed in the heart
A beggar in rich men's clothes

The one who always gives
Will always be replenished
A spring connected to the source of love
God is at the source of love
A gentle kind forgiving God
Not that ugly manmade one
From diverse scriptures
But the one God that lives in all of us
And all of creation

He is the core of your being
Which is connected
To all and everything
The tiniest part in you
Is part of the whole Universe
The sum of all tiniest parts

What bigger wonder is there
Than to give unconditional love
I say there is none
Because in the same moment you give
You give to all and to your self
In an instant everything is united
This is called "Oneness "

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