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Expiration date for empires
by Ray Solar

he past prevails the present
This moment creates the future
Every thought is a platform for action
All actions have consequences
Fear leads to hatred
Love guides to communication
A hero doesn't cut off
A hero reunites that which is separated
We are born under one sky
Out of the womb of one planet
To one GOD with the same name
In many different languages
Our hearts beat in the same frequency
Aligned with the pulse of earth
Blinded by greed we are like missiles
Constantly searching for an enemy
Judgment poisons our vision
Turns our neighbor into an enemy
Power hungry leaders woo us
With patriotic speeches
To give our blood for the all righteous nation
Their words grease our egos
Inflate our self-importance
Tell us that we are superior
That our way of life is most humane
That we are God's chosen ones
They hand us weapons of mass distraction
Which explode in the heart of foreign lands
The heads and limbs of man-child and woman
Are blown off to pieces
Mass graves of innocent humans line up
Along the landscapes of despair

he ghosts of enemy combatants
Roam our city streets at lightless nights
Hunt us down in the dreamscapes of the guilty
Dead bodies throw shadows over our conscience
Right and wrong good and evil
Fight in all of us for dominance
Who can throw the first stone
With a clean human rights record
The past is the keeper of all our stories
There we find in the archives of misdeeds
Who we are and where we came from
And what our judgment will be
When this latest empire has expired
Its welcome on mother earth
And is laid to rest with all the other
Egomaniac nations
Which now fertilize the holy grounds
Of a world in waiting for peace

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