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The paranoia of being alive
by Ray Solar

orn as the result
Of a sexual act
Born from the comfort of the womb
Conceived and pushed Out by a vagina
Freed to breathe Independently
Into a hostile world

Every breath a sucking
For another second of life
Breathing closer to an Imagined end
A living canvas almost Empty
Void of mistakes
Cared for and protected
By the lion heart mother

A breathing developing Sculptor
Ever expanding in Curiosity
The God-Child-God
Taking what is needed
To be an independent self
Sufficient for survival

With reasoning growing
Through external Reflection
By example
Beliefs and character find fertile ground
Ego identification replaces
The intuitive knowledge
Of Thee I am

he concept of time Carves
Its hold into brain cliffs
Valleys of "don't do that"
Open their dragon mouths
The fear of the day
And the dark tales of the Night
Form a new human slave

Exchangeable identities
Live behind blinded eyes
A hollow angel wingless
And Godless
Spiritual depth is
Replaced by functionality

The nationalized human Child
Franchised as war – Fodder
Manipulated into an
All consuming greedy pig
Content is swallowed
Like diet drinks
Emotions are artificial
Nothing is relevant

The art of living
Has been killed before
The child ever had a Chance
To taste from the fruit
Of ecstasy
The knowledge for its
Reason of birth
The special gift
Lies buried
Underneath the mountain
Of commercial junk
Its Youth is constantly
Bombarded with
Where being alive means
Virtual stimulation

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