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Guest Writer

Apocalypse tomorrow
by Ray Solar

he burnout factor
Of the prophecies has
Humankind worried.
Our dependency,
Not on drugs or alcohol
But on technology,
Is causing our brains
To spin out of control.
The planet earth is
From one pole to another.
Global warming is
Freezing our judgment,
Ocean reefs are transmuting
To brittle matter
And the fish is dying
Before it gets caught.
A draught of hope
Yields only despair.
Middle East hatred,
In the name of a fanatic god,
Threatens to cut
Our oil-thirsty throats.
Corrupt governments
Spearheaded by global companies
Grab for total control.

Over greedy computer nerds
Consumers feed on
Genetic engineered food
Which mutates in the soils
Of America.
Exploding tumors in our bodies
Set off the time-released dramas.
Acid rain is burning
Our vision,
Trees the witness of time,
Trees the source of breath,
Are cut down into
Easily assembled home furniture.
Welcome to the table
Of Apocalypse Yesterday,
Have aliens over for dinner
And open a few cans
Of preprocessed whatever.
Hide away in the bunkers
Of the lonely heart.
May the rest of the world
Starve with global permission.
Flush PEACE down the toilet
Of ignorance and
Wipe your butt with the constitution
Of a fake democracy. Sorry,
This fairy tale has no happy ending.

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