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Dear Dr. Jones
by GZO Jones

here do old Beats go to retire? GZO Jones headed for Brazil. We've found scant documentation that he can even keep a beat, but that has nothing to do with the fact that Jones always makes deadline and, one way or another, never shies away from a question. He likes to consider himself some sort of missing link between the 1950s and the new century. We like to consider that he works cheap.

Dear Dr. Jones,

Is the world really running out of oil?

Gas or die

Dear God,

Before I answer, let me ask a few of my own damn questions:

Why would we ever want to find out? Why spend billions in the Middle East desert when those same billions could develop alternatives to oil? Wouldn't such alternatives ween the U.S. off of oil and make for a much nicer planet?

And why aren't people screaming these questions from the rooftops?

Jack Kennedy had his faults, but he did make one simple statement, saying men would walk on the moon before the '60s wrapped up. It seemed arrogant and preposterous, but Jack was Jack. And he got the planet focused on a higher ideal.

So now I'll answer your question with one more question: When will some 21st-century Jack step up to the plate? As soon as that day comes, your question won't matter.

– Jones

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