Dear Jeff,

I was surprised to read myself quoted as saying "I'm tired of hearing artists promote themselves" in your commentary on the "New Critics and Curators" panel at Marylhurst. I have no recollection of speaking those words, which confirms my intention to stop serving on panels. What I thought I said was precisely the opposite. I believe the offending comment came in response to Paul Sutinen asking me whether it was The Organ's responsibility to promote local artists. I thought I said that it is the responsibility of artists to promote themselves, with the assistance of whatever gallery representation they have, whereas the Organ's responsibility is to offer interesting, well-written content for its readers. I thought I said I was tired of hearing artists voice the expectation that organizations such as The Organ and PICA promote the local art scene, when it is not the mission of either to do so. If I said something else, I regret it.

Your original article also contained a mischaracterization of my comments about Mercury art critic Chas Bowie. While I commented at the panel that I thought he did an excellent job covering his beat with the small amount of space that he has, I never said or implied that Bowie's column is all that Portland needs in the way of coverage of the visual arts, as you reported. I appreciate your gentlemanly decision to remove that part of your commentary from the site.

As for your other criticisms of my approach to editing The Organ, fire away!

Camela Raymond
The Organ Review of Arts