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There is no air in here ...

airplane / vacation
by Ray Solar

hat air?

There is no air in here
Stinking recycled mug
Agitated sweating sitting
Next to me arguing
With the flight attendant
Arguing across the aisle
With the oversized lady
On my left
Me in the middle
In the middle of a
To read a book
A book on harmony and
On the planet
Me ready to kill
The sweating man
Next to me
Any minute now
Reading page 76
Take a deep breath
And with each exhale
Release all negative
Emotions – what a pile
Of bull – it never works
Right at that moment
Buckle up the speaker
Please stay in your seats
Until the sign says
Sorry I have to use the restroom
The woman to the left
Whispers salaciously
Into my ear
Too close for comfort
We all have to get up
As she pushes by
Her stale breath lingering
Way too long
A drink is spilled
A baby cries
A dip in an air hole
The woman flies
My stomach heaves up
The airplane food
Starts shooting by
Like flying saucers
I should have taken
The good old train
Instead of this flying tube
That propels me
Toward insanity
A drunk-sounding voice
Reminds us to stay calm
I close my eyes
And envision a place
A world without humans
Just me and nature and
Little insects eating
Off my flaking skin
The landing gear snaps
Into position
Finally I have arrived
At my destination
I am ready for vacation

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