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No time for love

Everything else is child's play
Dear Dr. Jones
by GZO Jones

here do old Beats go to retire? GZO Jones headed for Brazil. We've found scant documentation that he can even keep a beat, but that has nothing to do with the fact that Jones always makes deadline and, one way or another, never shies away from a question. He likes to consider himself some sort of missing link between the 1950s and the new century. We like to consider that he works cheap.

Dear Dr. Jones,

How do you spend the holidays?

Just Curious

Dear J.C.,

All liquored up on the couch switching between ESPN and al-Jazeera? Is that what you expect to hear?

In reality, I'll be doing what YOU should be doing. Namely, thinking about who ought to be put in charge of this planet we so casually call Earth. Then, after figuring it out, rallying friends and moving quickly on to strangers.

Let's not kid ourselves: everything else is child's play. Please don't ever stop thinking about that.

Have a righteous one,
– Jones

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