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Guest Writer

by Jeremy Wilder

o unobtainable? so out of reach? so impossible?
life grants me no wishes, though i strive for the
lamps and rub with a furious friction
in the back of my mind, i know that nothing worth
having is easy, usually
i am ok with that, most of the time
but on the nights when i look out the window and there
is no dramatic scene on my horizon
i feel the dull edge of life's unfairness

the lesson is this ...
have no expectations
except to be challenged
and you will accept what is good
along with what is pain
is that so hard to do? yes
but a goal worth striving for

i look at my hand, close my eyes and i can feel a
soft, feminine hand inside it
with a firm grip, letting me know that i am accepted
that i am worth something and appreciated
that i am attractive and understandable
that i am respected and interesting
that i am seen and heard
that i am wanted

so unobtainable? so out of reach? so impossible?

Email Jeremy at voodstoc@yahoo.com, and see more of his work in our archives.

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