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We got mail!

McKinley writes back

Let's hear it for heavy rotation

Dear NW Drizzle,

Thanks so much for the thoughtful article about my new CD, "Goner." I'm so glad it's in heavy rotation at your (and Amy's) house.

Click to visit McKinley's Web site.

I have to admit, I got a little lump in my throat when I read about your friend leaning over and whispering that I "had issues." I'm not sure why that would choke me up, maybe I was just ready for my daily breakdown. It's a little embarrassing, actually to be announcing my brokenness to the world and now (with a divorce and getting canned under my belt) having proof of it.

Yes, I do need a hug ... and a hit, and come to think of it, a patron, a sweetheart, a gin and tonic with double lime, a bed of my own, and the certainty that I'm here for a damn good reason, not just to sweat it out for some creepy (and ineffectual) guardian angel's sadistic pleasure.

You know, it's funny. I remember that art-opening gig. It was on my birthday and my boyfriend had left town for the week or weekend with a girl friend of his to go to some event. I was a little bit sad.

Anyway, thanks again for helping to spread the word.


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