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Koufax and Rundgren
Good field, no hit

Dear NW Drizzle,

I liked the article about Koufax. The first major league game I ever saw was at Dodger Stadium in 1962 or '63. I was a St. Louis fan and I got to see Gibson vs. Koufax. Koufax threw a three-hitter and Gibson a two-hitter. The Dodgers won 1-0 when Tommy Davis hit a home run that barely cleared the left field fence in bottom of the eighth.

Seeing the name Rundgren was also kind of coincidental. While I always hated Todd Rundgren's music, I scouted his son a couple years ago. He lives on Kauai but played at Mid Pac, a private school, on Oahu. He was a skinny shortstop with a damn good glove and not much of a bat. I saw him as a college player. The Marlins ended up taking him in the 11th round and he signed. He played at Kane County last year and hit about .250. That's better than I thought he would do.

Dave H.

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