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Guest Writer

Only the box of 96 crayolas contains midnight blue
by Kelly Lenox Allan
  i. idnight blue is blue tinted black –
green tainted purple: dark, with a hint of light
Midnight blue
  fabric – can only be silk
  dye – in the translucent housing of electronics causes technical difficulties
  car – I would drive fast, alone
  platter – I'd seldom use, so little food would be worthy
  platter – would sing kiwi and mango
               or stilton, jarlsberg, gouda, together with little knives
  ii. Gray pebbles ruffle the corroded
concrete of my back walk;
among them shines one coral-colored stone –
if it were midnight blue
I would never step on it
I would polish it with my naked toe
  iii. Animal winds whisk waves to a froth, slam
trees, solitary girl
out in the first eclipse –
she wouldn't come in

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