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You cannot win if you do not play: The five-artist exhibit, at Portland State's Littman Gallery, ran for much of September. Click to visit the "Play" Web site.
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Riding on coattails
Nice play

e here at nwdrizzle.com shamelessly rode the coattails of Art Editor Jeff Jahn to snag some mainstream press in September.

Jahn's ambitious exhibit, "Play," ran from Sept. 5-30 at Portland State's Littman Gallery. It featured the works of Bruce Conkle, Jacqueline Ehlis, Todd Johnson, Hilary Pfeifer and Jahn – who curated the show.

"For good reason is Jeff Jahn, after only three years in Portland, one of the city's more notable cultural personalities," wrote the Oregonian's D.K. Row. "He's knowledgeable and enthusiastic about art. He's also brash, opinionated and as full of himself as he is full of Big Ideas."

The story splashed across the front page of the Portland daily's Sept. 5 Living section, while trumpeting the arrival of yet another First Thursday, the city's upscale monthly art-walk.

"Call him the leader," Row's story continued on its way to about a thousand words, "of Portland's arty Brat Pack."

The next day, Jahn was featured on the cover of the Portland Tribune's Cue magazine.

What's that got to do with us? Well, other than the fact that Jahn has been with us for most of our 22 months, both stories mentioned nwdrizzle.com – little ol' us – by name!

Congratulations, Jeff, and thanks. Keep up the good work. Now if you'll just get something similar going with the New York Times, we'll double – make that triple – your salary ...

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