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Guest Writer

by Kelly Lenox Allan

y wind, how I love you, long to
open my mouth and have you
breathe along the weight of my airless body
enter my ears and nose, slide around my eyes
your current clean through my heavy head
you move me lifted, slid and flipped
you wrap whatever self I give you
and some that I hold back
it's not your strength I shy from
when wandering breezes join in a single gale
and I struggle to stand to lie without rolling
to block the pressure like deep water on my eardrums – no
I want to rise and be your running, like the waves
your waving, with layered leaf, like the greening cypress

y sun, spread your slow way
up my arm, my shoulder blade, my nape
until your warmth whispers
even in the downy nook behind the lobe of my ear
let me feel your flush of heat
illuminate my every shadowed place
I would turn inside-out for you
I have turned inside-out
you give me eyes and hurt them till they close and I sleep
tucked in your quilt
while you tussle with wind over the spirit of my day
I want to flame with your color like the throaty petunias,
give you voice, the chords of song
legs to dance your flamenco over earth
I want to be your rainbow, given weight, given hands

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