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Forgotten night
by Justin Weil

ake care for friends, common man
with whom you sit and drink
they raise your spirit with a fluke
blowing it to the brink

The man behind bars, always on stage
swoops, shakes and pours
another life with every wave
of his liquid diamond store

I sit within its wall, lost and awake
fighting show-off friends and dykes
dancing loud, spoiling the velvet floor
watching, hoping for another spike

The bartender looks out at his flock
sees foreigners, a valuable sign
searching for a welding pact
on the business commitment line

Louder the thunder roars, haunting typhoon
life in a silver spoon for digging
black coal under the social dilemmas
of earth's wigging

But they are proud, as they dance
give them their song
give them their god-given chance

Give everything but reality
don't say they are wrong
don't say they have bad legality

As they say "I" over and over again
blessing themselves
blessing their women and men

Let the bar attack them
bartender and all
give justice the chance to help them all fall

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