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Guest Writer

by Gretta Descamp

ontana's flat expanse gives way
to mountains
dug out of the ground we drive
through valleys, crest hills
to see waves of lights
and then ride into darkness
I hold the wheel as she searches for cigarettes
and we ride the lane line
because I don't yet know how to drive
I wouldn't be surprised if in the night
everything fell away but
the center line and
reflecting mile markers
I can hardly remember your face
but I know the line of your neck
the scar on your shoulder
the softness of your belly
Your love is a knee in my chest
I give up breath

Country music crackles
through the radio
a billboard of Jesus with his hands spread wide
"I am the roadside attraction and the life"
it's hard not to think of you
and the parallels between you and I and
every other failed relationship
but also the way my hand fits
so well into yours
the burden of the sky over flat land holds me down
presses me into the earth so
I won't forget my place and try to fly

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