J u l y   2 0 0 1

Guest Writer

by Gretta Descamp

Music makes the measure of my steps
I strive not to strut but it's so hard
sheer delight at the slap of my shoes
over pavement and brick
over air
below trees exploding with white blossoms
my shadow bounces, eager to slip
off the mantle of gravity
(this is our favorite game)
boys pass by and I have to turn my head
mouth open in surprise
that someone could be so pretty
and I try not to smile too big
try not to tell the world my secret
my lips shape and taste each word
form lyrics
and monologues
so sweet, but I won't share
(I'm still too shy to sing aloud)
let's just say I'm happier moving
than standing still
and I'd walk forever if I didn't have to buy new shoes
walk till I hit the other shore
kick the surf twice and
turn back around

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