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Guest Writer

this scar is holy
by Troy Eggleston

anthony lives in new york
trades stocks on the 52nd floor
of an old financial building

he sees bums and poets and pocket-thieves
madmen (women too)
punk rockers, transvestite novelists
captains of the nouveau
and silver coins

protesters and irish squatters
rats, hindu ghosts, opiated athiests
and pigeons

canes, top hats and energy transfers
eyes as semi-conductors, multi-dimensions, statues
and gay bars

subway stairs, graffiti as art and frustration
urban renewal, urban decay
jazz, hip-hop, ethnic voodoo
beautiful women (men too)
survivalists, stray cats, stray souls
each with a pulse
and agenda

mafia, b-sides, fluorescent lights, inspiration
cracks and crack, suits and skaters
russian vodka, russian roulette
movie stars, flowers and prozac
anarchists, asian children, hurdy-gurdies
beggars, cardboard boxes, pizza by the slice
slugs, trees, curly locks, stickball, adulterers, saints, nickels
fountains, puddles, illegal aliens, cosmic sources, indigenous tribes
piercings, tourists, knifes, comics, convicts
priesthood confessions and churches, basketball hoops with no nets
parking meters, clowns, poison, gypsies, folk guitarists
hippies, ravers, ravens, old sailors, mailmen (women too)
and boxers

(the collective reasoning of new york
composes in its elegant fit
a concrete symphony of beguilement)

hypothesis as crutches
hypothesis as wings
mainlines and islands
co-dependant fractures of the same bone

new york is guts
a prolific street vendor
congealing woes with the joes of the infinite

anthony pulled up the back of his shirt
pointed just above a kidney
"see this here?
I almost left once
I had no other choice"
he paused
"this scar is holy"
then he looked up with beguiling eyes
"there are angels
in new york you know
how do think the yankees
are so good?"

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