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Guest Writer

separate secret
by Troy Eggleson

there is precious movement below
there is innocent love and calculated murder
each profound in the succession
of which thieves travel
movement prefers gratitude
she would say
taking little notice to the living
her breath sweet like a raised flower
and all this time i
motionless beside
intent on pursuing the rain
that kept crashing outside
distance reveals intention
she scoffed
and i intended on becoming a braver man
but the crease of preference
was a casualty of pure driven thought
my blurred conscious mind wavering
our human incident
like a plastic boredom mess
that which i could never explain
an excuse is a distraction
i said to her
her movement had become still
trapped in a separate secret from mine
and i turned my attention back to the pounding rain
imagined it creeping into the cold wet soil
where all its volatile expression would eventually subside
yet there is nowhere to hide

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